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Packing Pictures & Mirrors

Small pictures and mirrors can be wrapped and stood up in normal packing boxes with other goods. Extremely large pictures, such as the type commonly found hanging over a sofa or mantle (usually measuring 24" x 36") should be packed by your mover in one of his specially designed picture or mirror cartons. Many pictures, however, are just a little too large to fit in regular cartons (16" x 20" or 18" x 24") and can be packed in a self-devised picture carton. Select a carton that is larger than your picture when open at both ends. Lay your picture; face down, on several sheets of packing paper, which have been spread out so as to be almost twice as wide as your picture. Open the bottom of the carton, and then flatten the carton. Seal one of the open sides with your tape. Wrap the picture in the same manner as you might a gift box. Bring one side of the packing paper around the picture so that it will cover most of the back of the picture. Then bring the second side of the packing paper around to cover the back of the picture. Seal with tape. Fold up both ends of the packing paper and bring over the back of the picture. Seal with tape. Turn picture over and seal the areas where the packing paper overlaps. Slide picture into unsealed side of your carton and seal this end with your tape. Mark the box FRAGILE on all sides.

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