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Packer & Mover Ambala

The Ambala District has claims of being one of the Historical famous Districts of the state Haryana. Ambala was discovered during British period by A. C. Cunningham and C. Rodgers and later by B. B. Lal and many others. On the basis of various literary and archeological evidences it is possible to construct an outline of culture and History of Ambala. The initial literateness, referred to the area comprising the Ambala District in the Taittiriya Aranayaka which mentions Turghna as the bordering region towards the North of Kurukshetra. This area recognized with Shrughna Sugh also finds mention in Panini (Antique Indian Literature). It is inferred that Ambala District to have been established by the Amba Rajput during the 14th C AD. Some other variation is that the name is a corruption of Amba Wala or the mango-village judging from mango groves that existed in its immediate neighborhood. Still another mutation is that the District has assumed its name after goddess "Bhawani Amba" who's Temple still exists in Ambala city.

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