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Packer & Mover Aurangabad

This district is extreme South west part of ancient Magadh. All the books relating Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug relate to Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sri Krishna respectively find their own description. The Hindus all over the globe arrive here to pay Pind (Pious Offer) to their antecedents. During the class of Pind-Dan first Pind is given on the bank of river Pun-Pun. River Punpun has been addressed in the Puran as Ardhgang (Half of river Ganga).Hence it is very much difficult to compose an exhaustive chronicle of this area. Each atom of this neighborhood has caused its own chronicle. A simple glimpse of the same is being imparted here. Modern age is an age of scientific and technical evolution. In this age money plays a significant role in different facets of the human society. Thus it is natural to suppose that a part of the society of this territory has been engaged in extremist activities because of the prevailing socioeconomic disparity. As a consequence, the development work has been touched. Like the masses of other places, the citizenry of this district also go to the states of East- North and Punjab-Haryana to seek work from time to time. The organization of irrigation has done a Bit for the happiness of the people in some fields but yet today this happiness is partial.

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