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Packer & Mover Surat

Surat - the modern port city of today boasts of a great historical and ethnic inheritance. The history of Surat takes us back to the epic age of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Surat of today has earned the reputation of an important industrial hub and commercial center of the country. A glimpse along the history of Surat will prove that the city has always been a great trading center. The great explorer Hiuen Tsang referred the Surat City as Sowrata and described it as a business town on the shore of Arabian Sea close to Gujarat. Surat reached the highest level of prosperity in the sixteenth century. The Surat Port was considered significant by the European traders. The British and the Portuguese battled against each other to gain supreme control over the trading path. The French and the Dutch also arrived in the city with merchandising objectives. The great Maratha warrior Shivaji attacked the city several times to usurp its wealth. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the British gained the overall control over the city. Since then, the city witnessed plenty of motions and agitations against the English atrocities. It has given a batch to the freedom movement of the land. Surat reorganized itself after the independence and soon came out as one of the important cities in India.

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