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Both pictures and mirrors should be packed in special boxes that are designed for fragile items. Mirrors need to be wrapped from every side so that even the slightest of the bump during the transition phase doesn’t break the mirror. The packaging needs to be done according to the size of the mirror. For long mirrors, a standard packaging box may not be the ideal fit. To meet all our customers’ requirement, we have designed several special boxes of varying lengths that are sure to accommodate the items of different lengths.

Similar is the case with the pictures. Most of the pictures are expensive items, and even a single scratch can disrupt the entire look of it. Packing paper is used to cover all sides of the pictures, and theromocol is kept at all the inner side of the boxes for enhanced safety.

Our professional packers are trained in packing the different types of items in the best way possible. We adhere to the international standards of packaging items, so you can always rest assured of our packing services. To discuss about the packing of your pictures or mirrors in details, contact us today.

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