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surface transportation

Surface transportation implies transportation by means of rail and road. With advancements in technology and global trading, movers and packers now have quicker, safer and more dependable vehicles, both on rail and on road. Surface transportation is still the lifeline of economic growth.

The two branches of surface transportation are:

  • Road Transportation
  • Rail Transportation

Road Transportation in the Relocation Industry:

The usage of one mode over another differs from economy to economy. For instance, in India, long-distance transport has shown a substantial modal shift in favour of roads, both in passenger and freight transport, in the past few decades. At present, roads cater to 85% of passenger and over 70% of the freight traffic.

Rail transportation in the relocation industry:

Well-organized freight transport and timely movement of people is essential for the world economy. Hence, moving and packing companies strive to make sure that men and material are moved freely, reliably and efficiently. At the same time, the positive impact on environment and safety are also kept in mind while moving from one place to another.

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