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Packing tall table lamps comes with its own set of problems. It becomes difficult to get a packing box that is large enough to fit the entire lamp in it. The professional and trained packers at Sahara Movers and Packers, remove the shade and bulb of the lamp so that it can be packed properly.

The bulb, shade, and cord of the lamp are separately wrapped in a premium quality packing paper. Once the bulb and the shade are removed, the remaining lamp is put in between a packing paper and is wrapped along its entire length and breadth.

If there are multiple table lamps, then the same process is repeated for all. All the shades and bulbs are separately and safely packed in the packing papers and then put in the same container box. We don’t put any other item in the carton in which we are keeping the table lamps. To ensure additional safety, we fill the carton with foam.

Whether you have tall table lamps or the short ones, we can properly pack them for you. To know more about our table lamp packing services, get in touch with us today.

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