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If packing is a stressful task then unpacking is no less. It can also be as tedious as packing. To make the task easy, we at SAHARA packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd. offer the best of unpacking services. We also provide useful information related to packing and unpacking. In unpacking, the role of Packers & Movers cannot be ignored. Our experienced professionals and dedicated team help you unpack your valuable belongings at the new destination. While unpacking, our staff members unpack quickly, taking special care of your belongings. We help not only in unpacking but also in rearranging your belongings according to your desire and instructions.

Unpacking Services involve following services :-

  • Unpacking of packed boxes, cartoons, etc and removing items from the cartoons or boxes
  • Washing and cleaning the shelves and placing your belongs in right place instructed by you
  • Removing waste and damaged items and keeping them aside for insurance claims
  • Positioning furniture at right place according to the desire of clients
  • Placing food items in pantry of refrigerator
  • Placing clothes in cupboards etc.

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